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Civil Engineering

posted 10 hours 54 minutes ago
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Machine Learning

posted 12 hours 56 minutes ago
How does the world work? The world is full of living and nonliving thing. As we human beings living things could be split up in to two categories material and matter. Material is some physical and matter is not for example ideas thoughts, etc . Now we should look at the world its self we see it has a round shape and has many different colors. A long time ago many human beings thought the world was flat but now change point of views when we found that it was not. Lets take a look at the birth of the world. As we know it was hot had rocks and lava it differs to the earth we see today because it changed. After a few billion years came animals like dinosaur but that did not last too long because there are not alive, but now animals evolve over time. Thats why we have homologous structure because we come from an older version of are selfs. In my philosophy how I think the world works is that non-living and living thing change over time even matter. As well as the way of think, As I see it the world is changing by itself and others things. Like point of view, feelings, thoughts, actions.. thing well die but will people see that everything is different from the last time we saw something or someone. how to people change mentally and physically? As we said the earth can change people but can people change people? YES we can, that why we are inspired by others like friends and family. We influence others to do better then the last time ,to change the world like we been doing for the last 200,000 years as a human being I am going to change the world mentally and physically as well as people and then you all will so my philosophy caving the world like a blanket. an i dont think Im, I know I AM so per-pair world for Taylour stressman ....
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posted 5 days 18 hours ago

  I am theoretically proposing the ideology of a 'quark' as a tetrahedral shape, being spun at an angle which would emit wave functions akin to sine, cosine and tangent. That is to say there are 3 internal waves and 3 external waves which would be more definitive, according to the trigonometric values, including cotangent, secant and cosecant. The faster the tetrahedron spins, the more density there is upon the particle and in an opposing manner with an antiparticle, there should be definite increments of density according to spin rates. This is akin to spherical 'pi', where our tetrahedral shape is the equivalent in it's spin state to the diameter of a sphere. With the antiparticle, the ideal theory would be that there are 3 internal and 3 external wave functions as well; sine-1, cosine-1, and tangent-1. The next three wave functions should be obvious; cotangent-1, secant-1 and finally, cosecant-1. With pressure internally there is less externally and vice-versa in both, the quark and anti-quark(...again, theoretically!).

   In my own study of elemental particles, I consider this terahedron to be one of three elemental particles of which the other two are a cube and a sphere. The sphere represents liquid substances, the tetrahedron represents gaseous matter and the cube represents solid matter. 

All things are off-shoots of the same three, multi-dimensional shapes. I am also rewriting the definition of a circle as; the shortest distance between two points that remain an equal and opposite distance from each other, in transit from point to point. This definition is more balanced than a point revolving around a fixed point.

   This is the bulk of my knowledge at this point and I am happy to contribute my ideas of Philosophical and Theoretical Physics as I am glad you asked for my input, thanks


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